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El Cantante

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Savier F, AKA DJ SAV was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico. At the age of eight he came to the United States. As a young boy he had a great passion for music. He grew up listening to many different types of music such as Latin, Disco, Urban, and Dance. He began his Vinyl collection at the age of 13 and it grew to well over 1000 records.

His DJ career began with a pair of technique turntables & a set of speakers, mixer and a mic. As a young teenager, he began mixing music, using his skills and doing gigs around town performing at private events & clubs. Twenty five years later and with the finest equipment
DJ Sav’s career continues to grow. From corporate events, to lounges, weddings, and much more.

Along with his many talents he is also becoming an uprising artist which lead to his first demo ‘ Si tu te Vas” under Eli Records. Savier managed to own his publishing company under BMI/Solo 2 Music. Under this publishing company songs “Solo Deseo“, had worldwide media attention. His latest single release is on SGR Records titled Dame Una Oportunidad feat Unique Latina on the Freestyle Bangers Vol. 1 compilation. His popularity continues to develop from coast to coast doing live performances in all types of venues, including the Manhattan festival on 116th street, Puerto Rican Day Parades, Night Clubs, T.V. appearances in Telemundo and Univision. He was featured on air in several radio stations in the US, Germany, Brazil, & Puerto Rico.
Savier continues to integrate both mixing and vocal skills in venues. His role has lead him to  93.5 FM.

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